With GDC right around the corner, it’s natural to get a bit anxious if you’re planning on attending. So many game devs will be in one place! There will be tons of opportunities for networking, exploring, sharing, and learning, and it can all get a little overwhelming. But fear not! We’ve assembled a handy list of articles to whip you in to tip top, fighting form!

Networking at a Game Convention Series, by Rocky Kev

Part 1: The Calm Before the Storm” covers the benefits of networking and what to do to prepare before you step through the convention center doors.

Part 2: Get in There!” is all about how to, well, get in there! Fashion tips, proper mindsets, conversation techniques, and motivational phrases abound!

Part 3: Following Through” addresses how to make the most of all the networking you did during the convention once you’re safely back home and away from the madness.


Networking Like a Pro, by BSM Co-Founder Raghav Mathur

Straight from one of the big bosses himself, “Networking Like a Pro: Tips to Master the Convention Circuit” contains useful and realistic nuggets of wisdom based on professional experience and expertise.


Buzzword-aholics Anonymous, by Rocky Kev

Buzzword-aholics Anonymous: Pitching Your Game Without Buzzwords” is an incredibly useful guide to making your game pitch as interesting, engaging, and unique as possible without relying on buzzwords that cause people to tune you out, or worse—fall asleep!


GDC Networking: How It’s Done, by Jennifer Mendez

GDC Networking: How It’s Done” is, as you can probably guess, all about how to network during GDC, but the article’s advice can be applied to any convention. Helpful tips include how to recharge, what to do when you’re not on the exhibition floor, and how you can engage with conventiongoers outside of meatspace.