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The Problem with “Unique”

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite aspects of indie game development is the freedom that is afforded to developers to make any kind of game under the sun, stockholders be damned because in indie game development, there are no stockholders. Want an isometric action RPG...

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Game Dev Pro Tip Vol 4

Below is an excerpted collection of game development tips from Daniel Doan, Co-Founder of Black Shell Media. Enjoy!   How to Actually Finish Your Indie Game Projects Finishing anything is hard. Finishing the development of video games? Twice as hard. After all,...

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Turmoil: Lessons in Turning Calm into Chaos

There are two types of gamers in the world—those who love management games and those who hate them. Those of us who love them enjoy figuring out the best strategies to get as much out of our time and resources as possible. Those who hate them, on the other hand, often...

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