Game Development Resources

Curated resources for game developers, designers, artists, marketers and producers

External Resource Lists

Check out our curated selection of game development resources, great for beginners and experts alike. Each link goes to a spreadsheet containing dozens of links to talks, articles, books and other resources for indie game developers.


UI/UX Best Practices

Understanding how to make good UI and UX is important in making an indie game. In this video series, Black Shell Media will teach game developers how to design UI/UX and how to immerse players in your indie game. Learn the best practices for making an indie game on PC, Xbox, PS4 or mobile, get players to enjoy your game for hours on end, and become a success!


Gaming Conventions Map

This interactive Google Map shows key gaming conventions around the world. Find an event near you for networking, showing off your game and learning from experts!


Click here to view the full map.

Indie Game Marketing Secrets

Read key insights, techniques and strategies developed over 3 years of successful game marketing. From the team that developed SanctuaryRPG (500K+ downloads) and published over 60 titles on Steam (1.5M+ downloads), Indie Game Marketing Secrets contains all the information you need to make your next game launch a success. Whether you’re a first time developer looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned pro trying to ship more copies, Indie Game Marketing Secrets will have something for you.


The Definitive Guide To Game Development Success

Want to earn a living making video games? Look no further! Black Shell Media has supported hundreds of indie developers in every aspect of development — prototyping, design, production, marketing and business. We’ve assembled our key tips and tricks for a successful game development process here in our exclusive eBook. Our team of expert writers and marketers spills the beans on industry secrets and analysis needed for success.

P.S. – If you want a free copy, click here!

Indie Insider Podcast

Indie Insider, presented by Black Shell Media, is the podcast that dives into the independent video game scene by speaking with indie developers, publishers, and industry professionals about their projects, stories, and thoughts on the hottest current topics! Indie Insider airs every Monday on iTunes, the Black Shell Media blog, and Google Play.

Past guests include Kate Edwards (IGDA), David Mullich (I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream) and Paul Hellquist (BioShock, Borderlands 2). helps aspiring game designers of all levels to find the best (and quickest) path to becoming a professional video game designer. The site features guides, educational resources and tutorials.

IT Hare‘s Programming Guide For Video-Gamers

IT Hare is a blog dedicated to providing smart programming advice and tutorials for aspiring developers.

They have compiled a great list of game development resources and documents, available here.