The Definitive Guide To Game Development Success

Ready to make games for a living?


We’ve spent hundreds of hours writing this E-Book for you so that you won’t have to suffer as much as we did when trying to make your mark in the game industry.

We know that getting started in game development can be exciting; after all, it is a large transition to go from a humble gamer to a developer who is selling his or her own games. We understand that process and we’ve even gone through it ourselves.

Game development is not for everyone, but for those who plan on sticking through all of the bumps and bruises, we intend to give you a head start and make things a little easier.



Section 1: Getting Started

  • Do you have what it takes to make games?
  • Should you go full time or part time?
  • Mistakes to avoid when first starting out
  • How to run a game development company

Section 2: Developing Your Game

  • Figuring which game ideas have merit
  • Getting through the development process
  • Maximizing your time when developing games
  • Networking with like-minded individuals

Section 3: Your Game’s Success

  • Strategies on shipping your indie game
  • Tips on growing your game’s community
  • Sustaining yourself as a game developer
  • Getting your indie game noticed by the press

Over 224,000 aspiring indie game developers just like you have read the valuable content contained inside.