Move aside Charles Martinet, this year’s E3 Gaming celebrity is Shigenori Soejima- the oh so very talented character designer for the Persona series! Soejima took over the Atlus stage for several discussions and autograph sessions throughout the event. On Day 3 of E3 2016, I had the honor to attend the Q&A session Thursday morning, where Soejima responded to questions from the fans about himself and the upcoming Persona 5 game. Planned to be released in February 2017 in North America, eager fans jam-packed the area to hear what he had to say.

Here are some of the highlights from the hour-long Q&A Session:

What inspired you to become a character designer?

When the 1 vs 1 Fighting craze first started on SNES, developer artists started putting a lot of effort into making these characters stand out. Soejima was very mesmerized by the efforts of these designers.

What is the most memorable moment of being a character designer?

There isn’t any particular moment. But every time there’s some kind of feedback/ interaction from the fans about the characters such as drawings or cosplay it is really touching.

Anything you are looking forward to here in Los Angeles/E3?

He’s been really busy throughout this E3 that he really couldn’t spend too much time outside it. Last night was the first time he could enjoy a nice big juicy burger!… He really enjoys and appreciates all of you coming to these live events and that’s what he’s enjoying the most right now.

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Extra Shigenori Soejima Fun Facts!

Favorite Gundam series?

The first.

Favorite type of character to draw or comes most easily?

Those with short hair.