We had the privilege of getting in touch with JeromeASF, a popular YouTuber, and decided to ask him a few questions about himself and the role of content creators like him in the indie gaming world.


Tell us a little about why you started your channel and how it has evolved over the years!

I initially began Youtube around 7 years ago as a creative outlet for my friends and I to make video content and try and entertain viewers. After about a year my friends began to show less interest in creating YouTube content so I needed to find a creative way for myself to film, edit, and produce all of my content on my own. The next greatest match was making video gaming content for shooter based games so I began a new channel that ended up growing to around 120,000 subscribers at peak. After doing that I found my true passion to be in sandbox large scale games as well as entertaining indie games so I began my new channel JeromeASF which has since grown to 3,700,000 subscribers and has gained over 700,000,000 views throughout its lifetime. It has been an ever-changing adventure so far on YouTube and it’s impossible to know what the future holds.


Have indie games and their popularity impacted your channel over time? How?

Indie games have had the greatest impact on my channel as they have been a fantastic way for me to branch out into niche audiences and find my way into some of the friendliest and most welcoming communities the internet has to offer. Minecraft began as a simple indie game and overtime exploded into something larger than anyone could have ever expected. I’m happy and proud to say that I have had the opportunity to produce predominately Minecraft based content for over 3 years now and from there it has helped me grow exponentially over time.


When big name YouTubers make videos about indie games, they can drive an immense amount of sales and popularity. What do you think of YouTubers having that much power?

I think that the power YouTubers have in driving sales towards indie games is incredible. When someone with an audience of millions pushes their backing behind a product or game, it’s amazing how many people are driven towards it. YouTubers have a special connection with their fan base that creates a level of trust where they look up to them and games they endorse. In the end I think YouTubers need to not only respect that power but also treat it with a great deal of responsibility, when someone trusts you to that degree its your duty to do right by them.




In what ways can indie developers work with YouTubers to create a mutually beneficial relationship?

Indie developers and YouTubers can work together in a variety of ways that benefit both parties. The most common way that comes to mind is a way for YouTubers to grow a game but still receive compensation for driving traffic to the game, such as by giving them a code for their viewers to use that will help track sales and pay the YouTuber a rate based on the amount of sales. Another way can be as simple as reaching out to YouTubers and giving them free download codes for themselves and their viewers for a giveaway. This allows the YouTuber to be able to give back to their own community while still helping a game grow.


And finally, what is one piece of advice you’d give to an indie developer looking to get their game played by popular YouTubers?

The largest piece of advice I would give to an indie developer looking to get their game played by a popular YouTuber is to look for a YouTuber who has a community of followers who would enjoy that particular type of game. I would never promote a game that I felt my subscribers would not enjoy or did not fit their preferred genre of gaming. If you find a content creator that has an audience with a similar background as your game then a partnership is made that much more possible.


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