You're a game developer who needs to get noticed.

We're here to make that happen.

Marketing services that won’t break your budget.

No matter how awesome your game is, it won’t make a splash unless people know about it. Whether you’re an established studio looking for a full-scale indie game marketing and PR campaign, or a small indie developer who just needs some help getting your game reviewed by the press, we can help you reach your goals.

We’ll share our industry experience with you, and help you connect with over 4,000 prominent indie game journalists and content creators from all around the world. From bloggers to YouTube Let’s Play stars to gaming magazine editors, your game will get in front of media all across the globe. We can help you determine key marketing points, write press releases for you, grow your game’s fanbase and expand your network to maximize sales.

Our solutions are very flexible according to your needs, and we’re here to help you maximize your game’s visibility at every stage in the process. Every great game deserves a chance to shine, regardless of budget. Let’s get you on the map!

“I have been surprised and pleased with their ‘developer-comes-first-over-money’ attitude.”

John Szymanski

Lead Developer, Sumo Revise

“They clearly presented the promotion plan with a schedule and executed it flawlessly.”

Milan Babuškov

Lead Developer, Seeders

“Black Shell Media has been the exact resource we needed while building our game’s awareness.”

Colin Dwan

Owner, Prologue Games

“Black Shell Media communicated with me promptly and delivered all of our contracted requests on time.

Alexander Lau

CEO, Robotic Potato

Targeted Outreach

Connect with YouTubers, Video Game websites, Podcasts, and more. We’ll work directly with you to position your game properly, establishing an effective message for your fanbase. We decide on clear steps and tools to implement and perfect your strategy.


Preview and Reviews

Your game will generate buzz and excitement with coverage leading right up to its release. Take advantage of our relationships with journalists and get some awesome articles and mentions.


Marketing Strategy

We’ll take care of market research and create the best plan for your game so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll craft the perfect preview and launch trailers for you. Let’s write your game’s unique feature sheet using psychology-driven techniques for maximum impact.


Press Releases & Promotions

Discover the best way to distribute your game. We’ll do meticulously written press releases, trailers, and copy writing according to your specific needs. Awareness campaigns and market testing are taken care of. Communicate with players who enjoy your game!

Fanbase Growth

It’s easier than ever for fans to interact with developers and share their opinions about games with other players. It’s crucial for developers to be where their fans are, and we can make sure you target specific demographics and grow your Twitter network by up to 3,000 followers every month.


Social Media Management

Build and engage your community with strategically timed content on the right social networks: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Establish your brand’s voice and ensure that gamers get to know you.


PR Strategy

Learn effective strategies to convert potential players into sales, making sure that people who hadn’t even heard of your game turn into your biggest fans. Our reputation management techniques ensure that no gamer will be left unhappy.


Game Design Consultation

Take advantage of our eleven years’ worth of game design experience to get the best chance of success through game design consultations. Use our advice to polish your game to be well-received by journalists and gamers alike. Leave no stone unturned!

Conventions and Meetups

We’ll exhibit your game for thousands of gamers!

We try to attend as many gaming and entertainment conventions as we can in a variety of locations! Since we’re located in California we get access to a lot of major events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. We also travel a lot and attend or exhibit at several conventions around the U.S.

If you’re publishing with us, you automatically get included in our roster for convention attendance. We often show off a variety of games at every convention, but we also attend specific niche meetups targeting one demographic and exhibit one game that suits the event! If you are not able to attend a major convention due to cost or travel limitations, we may be able to help get you shown off remotely. We’ll figure out a pricing structure that makes sense and ensure we put our sales and promotional skills into overdrive to demo your game for excited fans!

Conventions we’re affiliated with include E3, TwitchCon, Indie Arcade, IGDA meetups, Playcrafting Expos, MomoCon, GDC, PAX, and many more! If you’re organizing a convention, please drop us a line and let’s see if we can be there!