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Indie Insider #52 - Tobias Sjögren of White Wolf Entertainment


Guest: Tobias Sjögren, CEO of White Wolf Entertainment, a sister company to Paradox Interactive.

Topics discussed:

  1. Tobias’ story of taking over a company acquired by Paradox Interactive and nurturing the World of Darkness IP, as well as his humble beginnings with Battlefield and DICE
  2. Tobias’ tips and tricks to surviving E3 and other major conferences
  3. Learning not to finish projects through brute force, and working more effectively
  4. How to be a masterful team leader and project manager
  5. Exploring the business aspects and know-how of being an indie developer
  6. How becoming a father made Tobias consider Games for Girls, and how it’s still a young and promising aspect of the industry
  7. And much more!


Hey Insiders,

Tobias Sjögren has had an impressive journey starting businesses, cultivating ideas, and moving up in the industry. He is currently the CEO of White Wolf Entertainment, a sister company to Paradox Interactive, working on the World of Darkness IP. At the end of the episode (as you’ll hear), he was thrilled to have the opportunity to share his advice:

“[This is] an industry based on “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”…Share your experience and advice, and you will get it back.”

It’s one of my favorite things about this industry as well. Everyone I’ve had the luck of speaking with has taught me something, and they are the foundation of any achievements I’ve had in the video game world. The only reason I get to share this letter and episode with you is because people chose to nurture me as a professional, as an interviewer, and as a producer.

In return, it’s my immense pleasure to share with all of you the experience and advice of others to help you grow in your passions and endeavors. And, hopefully, you’ll choose to pass along your thoughts, your experiences, and your advice with others. I truly believe there’s no better way for us to grow as an industry. Plus, as Tobias puts it, “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”

If you have advice or experiences you’d like to share with others, shoot me an email: [email protected]. I’d love to talk with you about how I can help.

Until next week,

Logan Schultz, Indie Insider Host