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Indie Insider #42 - Dan Butchko, CEO of Playcrafting


This week’s guest: Dan Butchko, CEO of Playcrafting, the organization providing in-person classes, courses, and events across America for both aspiring and established game developers!

Topics discussed:

  1. Running a for-profit company with a non-profit mindset
  2. An inside look into Play NYC, Playcrafting’s upcoming convention!
  3. The future of conventions in the video game industry
  4. The art of managing and maintaining a large community
  5. The importance of continued and supplemental education
  6. …and much more! ​

Hey everyone,

Play NYC is Playcrafting’s huge indie video game convention coming this August. It’s an ambitious project: 2 days, 3 floors, over 100 developers, and an estimated 5000 attendees in the heart of New York City. If anyone else was attempting to put on such an event, I might have some concerns. But after my interview with Dan Butchko, the CEO of Playcrafting, I honestly can’t imagine anyone more suited for the job.

Dan has grown Playcrafting into a community-based organization offering educational courses and events to over 25,000 developers across America, and his non-profit background shines through every inch of it. His story and his insight in this week’s episode is a brilliant reminder to me of why the work we do in this industry is important, and why giving back is meaningful. It even helped remind me why this very podcast matters. Hopefully you’re able to gain something meaningful from it as well.

Play NYC is a promising first step into the future for Playcrafting and Dan Butchko, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

– Logan Schultz, Indie Insider Host

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