As part of our mission here at Black Shell Media, we believe in being on the cutting edge of innovation in marketing, and leading the educational frontier for indie game developers. We’ve been listening to reader feedback and are excited to announce some changes to the way we’re handling content on our blog moving forward.


Quality, Not Quantity

Previously, we’d been focusing on pumping out daily or bi-daily content for our readers. This meant that sometimes blog posts would be a little “fluffy” and not necessarily the sharpest, deepest insights. Moving forward, we’ll be doubling down on the quality of our content. This means longer, more in-depth blog posts about highly focused topics in the indie games industry, backed by more critical analysis and research than ever before. 

Our hope is that the new and improved content becomes an invaluable primary resource for developers, marketers, and creatives in the industry—something to bookmark and share with colleagues. As part of this commitment to our readers, we’ll be switching away from daily content, and moving to posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which will allow us to improve and fine-tune our content. We want you, our valued readers, to get the most out of your time spent on our blog.


A Collaborative Decision

Raghav Mathur (Co-Founder): When we started writing content on our blog, it was just a way for my colleagues and me to share our candid thoughts and ideas about trends in our industry. After years of publishing content and working with dozens of amazingly talented and insightful writers, editors and guest bloggers, I’m amazed and proud to see that the Black Shell Media Blog has become a valuable resource for so many developers. We owe it to these loyal readers to publish nothing but the best content possible, and moving forward we promise to focus on only the most useful, most insightful, and most valuable topics for indie game developers and marketers.

Daniel Doan (Co-Founder): Before I founded Black Shell Media, I was a game developer myself. I was making SanctuaryRPG in my spare time and devouring every piece of game development content I could find on the web. When we started writing on our blog, I wanted to publish content that I personally would have found useful back when I was a solo game developer. I am super excited to be working with Dorian, Raghav, and our amazing writing team to double down on writing only the most important content for game developers to read and learn from. 

So Please Pardon Our Dust

In order to effectively make this transition to the new and improved content style, there will be a transition period on the blog where the older style of blog posts will be posted at a reduced frequency. We thank you for your patience and understanding and hope that you’ll enjoy reading the new content as much as we’re going to enjoy writing it! 

If you have any thoughts, ideas, comments, or suggestions on how we can improve our blog and deliver high-quality content for you to read and learn from, or if you are interested in contributing to our blog, please email me at [email protected].