One of the best ways that you can use in order to promote your game online is to write a press release. What a press release does is that it allows you to gain the desired exposure in a wide range of media locations without any hassle. But one has to wonder, is there a specific format that you can use for press releases, and if so, which one would be the best?


The press release format

Yes, there is a specific format for a good press release, and this includes the title, subtitle, intro paragraph as well as the detail paragraphs, quotes and then a boilerplate.

The title is indeed the most important here because it’s designed to grab the attention of gaming press and thus it has to be easy to understand, creative and discovering it should pique the interest of a potential reader. At the same time, it should give a few ideas in regards to the content, without spoiling too much. It’s basically a summary that will show you exactly why the content needs to be read and what it offers the reader.

Subtitles are optional, yet it is strongly recommended that you use them because they make it easier to understand the title and provides context for it. It’s important to use one if you want to make an impact early on, so keep that in mind.

The introduction is definitely where you need to focus on what you want to deliver to the end user. Here you have to talk about the game, share some information about the availability and pricing, without going too much into detail as it will just spoil the experience.






Details, details, details

Once you finish with the introduction, you can enter the detail paragraphs where you can talk about your game, the features that it offers and all the other unique features that your title offers. The idea here is that you shouldn’t be overly promotional, instead you need to be objective, because someone that never played your game will be reading this, and you need to make them play the title. Having a good understanding of your niche helps

Quotes can be added, but they can bring credibility in your content, and thus it’s a very good idea to add them. Don’t overdo it with quotes, but do remember that adding them might end up being something helpful, as they provide a sense of authenticity to your release, so find some use for them.

Lastly, you should add the boilerplate which is basically a description of your company where you can  talk about your previous products, corporate ideas, strengths and so on. Add in your URL and other information as well.

All these elements or at least most of them should be included in your press release. Remember to make the content catchy and easy to read, check it for readability and also ensure that your readers will have valuable information on their hands.


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