Stealing ideas might not seem like a good idea, but the reality is that most artists do just that. Of course, you do need to add your own touch and make the idea seem your own, but in the end it’s the best product that will win the hearts of all users, so what you have to do here is determine how to integrate that idea into your game in the best possible way. A good artist will, according to Picasso, see the style of other artists and then try to emulate this in his own style or even that particular style but with a different tone. Moreover, a good artist will always try to mix influences in order to create something unique, not to mention he won’t find a problem with copying some elements from art created by others.


On creativity

One of the main examples that comes to mind is the fact that Toshiba created tablet computing, yet it’s Apple that seems to receive all the credit. This happened because they took the idea and brought in great hardware as well as a stellar design that made it very easy for the users to decide which elements they want included and how they can customize them. Another example is Google. They didn’t invent the search engine, yet somehow it seems that their approach was the best in the business, because they managed to create a unique product that was able to bring the desired results for users effectively and efficiently. The same can be said about George Lucas and Star Wars. At first, many said that he was nuts, he couldn’t do such a movie because it would be a box office disaster and now, 30 years later, Star Wars is a cult hit and is one of the few that has managed to influence people around the world of all ages.


On being bold

All artists steal, so even if you take some ideas or borrow design elements from other games during the game development process, this will not be a problem. The entire issue comes from not giving your creative team the edge and help they need. If you restrict creativity, then you will only get terrible results. What you need to do here is to let your creative team get influences from as many places as possible, as this does indeed come in handy, and the results will show off very soon. So do allow creativity and do not restrict it, because you will be amazed with the results and the wonderful creations that appear in the end.

Remember, everything is a remix after all.


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