While there might be many things that lead up to the creation of a solid, widely sought after game, the reality is that there is one simple way to make your game a great one—FEEDBACK!

Feedback allows you to understand what is wrong with the game, which directions aren’t really liked by the user base and, most importantly, it showcases the relationship that you have with your community as a whole.

Getting suggestions and feedback from the community is the best way to achieve success, because they allow you to polish the title a lot more easily—all while not spending a dime on testers.

Even if you work with testers, you always have to listen to their opinions because this helps you build a better game in the end. At the same time, you also need to ensure that you don’t follow the feedback word for word.

There are some situations in which feedback is valuable, but in others you have to determine if it really is beneficial to follow those ideas. Thinking about the ideas is a necessity, because you can’t just implement anything. You need to have boundaries and you have to focus on the things you want or need to implement, as they are necessary.

What should a good game include? There are many things that make a game great, but if we are to consider a general consensus, the game needs to bring a constant state of challenge, perhaps with an escalating difficulty. At the same time, the title has to be fun and also has to avoid explaining too much, because it can become stable and boring.

It’s crucial that your players don’t need to work out the game’s mechanics all by themselves, because you want your game to be easy to play. Add a minor tutorial, but certainly do not overdo it.

You should try and see the sound effects or the visuals as the icing on the cake, but the main focus has to be on the gameplay. This is what the players are there for, to enjoy their time and have fun, otherwise the whole experience will be in vain.

If the player encounters boredom, then their experience ends and that’s it. You should avoid having a boring game; always try to bring in new, extraordinary, and fun mechanics that will create an enjoyable experience for your players! Always, always, always focus on feedback, and use the aforementioned elements in order to obtain the best results. Combine all these elements and you will enjoy the wonderful outcome!


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