Creating a game that is enjoyable and grabs the attention of players is quite hard. This is a major challenge for most game developers right now because there’s more to a game than just a story – it has to be about killer gameplay as well.


Design mechanics
Most of the games we play nowadays are designed to be played, and not seen. People need a good game mechanic hook. On the other hand, games that only have a single mechanic can be tiresome and boring as time passes. Combining mechanics is important, otherwise the results might not be as impressive as you might want.


Create a prototype
If you want your game to be fun, you need to make a prototype and see how the mechanics add up in practice. Theorizing is a good thing, but it’s a whole extra level to actually see the game played, as a prototype. It makes the whole experience a lot more appealing and extraordinary as well. Keep that in mind at all times!


Ensure that the game is fun
The game has to be fun, so don’t overcomplicate things. Add some mechanics along the way to maintain interest, but don’t overdo it. In the end, game design is all about having a fun, exciting, intuitive-to-play game. Play with the prototype as much time as possible in order to ensure a very high quality, otherwise the results might not be as good as expected.


Always be testing
Try playing the game on your own and tackle the prototype directly. It can be very hard to actually determine problems or to make the game fun without playing it yourself, not to mention that this way you can iron out the bugs as well.


Iterate, iterate, iterate
A lot of play testing is needed in order to iron out the bugs. You need to ensure that the game mechanics are as solid. Make sure that you take into account game feel, as this will make the games more juicy and fun.

All these steps are necessary if you want your game to be fun and playable, but they’re only a start!


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