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Confessions of a Puzzle Lover

Today's post is by BSM Game Design Intern Kirsten Terry, an aspiring game designer and animator.   A game designer should always go into making a puzzle game while keeping in mind the statement, “A good puzzle game always wants to be solved.” This, I confess, is...

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How to Market Your Video Game

If you're an indie developer, chances are you're trying to share a game—or a few—with the world. You spend hours crafting the perfect characters, tweaking the God Rays, setting the tone, and placing the platforms in just the right spots. It's no wonder you want people...

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Small Industries: Being Nice Pays Off

Once upon a time, someone described the video game industry as a "tiny" one. It might come as a surprise—what with the multinational AAA games companies—but that statement is entirely accurate and even truer for indie games. And, as is the case with any tiny industry,...

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GDC Networking: How It’s Done

Going to GDC this year? Congratulations! It's a fantastic step to take toward a career in games. Whether you're only starting out or well-established, there's something for you. However most of these perks involve meeting people. If you don't already have a team...

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