One of the main concerns in the game development world is that as studios focus on using their products to make money, they sacrifice their happiness. You have to remember that creating games is an act of love, and you have to keep that in mind in order to obtain the results you want. Happiness is important when it comes to creating anything and that is certainly true of game development.


Start the business with passion

Passion is crucial in the business world, and the more you care about a product, the better it will turn out. Remember to be happy about what you do and continue to maintain passion in game development, because this is the best way to achieve success. It can take a while to achieve your dreams and there may be many pitfalls on the road there but you need to always be happy.


Happiness brings efficiency

In the gaming world, you always need to get content finished as fast as possible until you decide to stop supporting the product. It might sound easy, but many times it can be a major challenge. Feeling happy about your work will also translate into a much better, more impressive game in the end, because you will not only work harder but also be more inspired in terms of unique ideas, which is exactly what you need to be on the lookout for, a combination of innovation and happiness.




The results are better

If the employees are happy, then the end results will also make the customers happy as well. It’s something that goes full circle because happy workers are work harder and are more committed towards the product. Your employees offer your studio a great foundation and the best way to fulfil the needs of your customers in a professional manner.


Taking action

You will need to first define the way success looks for you, and then you will have to create your own startup the best way you can. It might take a great deal of time and hard work but patience is necessary if you want your business to be successful.

You will need to experiment with different business models, while also thinking about way you do business matches up with your core values.  In order to be both successful and happy, you need to strike balance between being flexible and sticking to what you believe in and are passionate about.

Happiness does indeed need to guide you in your business decisions. Never make a business decision related to your game when you are unhappy as that can cloud your judgement. Never make decisions when you are overly excited either, as such decisions are frequently made impulsively.


Special thanks to Yixin Li for authoring this article.

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