Advertising a game can be a difficult these days, because you tend to use many  of the poorly written guidelines available online and many times the experience might not come your way.  If you run your game’s advertising campaign the right way, you can drastically increase your sales and revenue, but if you don’t, it will be a wasteful and expensive undertaking that will set your studio back significantly.


What can advertising do for your business?

There are plenty of ways that advertising can help your studio achieve in the long run. First, it allows you to show potential customers about what makes your game fun and unique, something very important considering that many games sell poorly because they don’t really get the proper exposure they deserve. All of us know an excellent game that ended up selling few copies because most gamers had never heard of them.

At the same time, advertising allows your studio to maintain and establish a good reputation and also builds a specific brand identity which is highly necessary in today’s online world. Not only that, but this helps encourage the existing customers to share ideas about the game in order to increase its overall popularity. This is indeed necessary for the online games, but it can also work for singleplayer games that have a lot of modding or expansion potential.




With proper advertising, you can also boost the bottom line and increase the overall number of sales, something that provides you with better results in the long run and ensures the long term survival of your studio.

Lastly, a major benefit of game advertising is that you get to promote your game worldwide, especially to new customers, but also to potential investors and collaborators.


What you need to know about game advertising?

It’s crucial to know that game advertising offers you complete control over the way you select your audience and how you promote your game in front of it. It’s something that requires a lot of focus and attention, but at the same time you have to bring in a lot of dedication to the matter at hand. If anything, marketing your game takes just as much effort as making it in the first place, if not more so.

Game advertising also takes time, planning and persistence. These are things you need to think about, as they will allow you to promote your game the best way you can. Do your homework when it comes to marketing methods and techniques and you will have an easier time of things.

Create a framework, fill in the details, build an action plan and then use any type of promotional vehicle available to you and you won’t have a problem getting the results you want. It might take some time to do so, for sure, but the results will be well worth it.


Special thanks to Yixin Li for authoring this article.

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