As a game developer, it’s very important to always try and build up brand awareness and recognition. This not only means making and selling games but also interacting with your studio’s fanbase in a positive manner. Being able to keep up with your fanbase and provide them with updates about your company helps to ensure communication between your studio and your fans.

This means that you will need to use Twitter and social media as a whole because this will help you a lot when it comes to creating a good, reliable and professional brand that will have long term staying power.


Create a specific branding strategy

If you want to create a brand and sell your game the right way with the help of Twitter, then you need to design your own branding strategy. This means that you need to identify the target audience as well as the follower type that you want to attract, while also focusing on the message that you want to send through your channels to the followers. Also, you need to define the goal in regards to what you want to accomplish with Twitter.

Although you might be tempted to skip this step, not creating a branding strategy will result in weak and unfocused marketing efforts, which might damage your brand later on. It’s better to plan your message beforehand to avoid targeting the wrong audience or confusing existing ones.


Make sure your profile is actually complete

Having a complete profile is crucial because no one will take you seriously unless you have a complete profile which clearly states who you are. People tend to associate your brand with a concrete identity, not just “that studio that makes fun retro games”. Besides, nobody can remember an anonymous studio’s Twitter account, no matter how funny or insightful it might be.

Start by adding in a branding statement. It might only take a few words but can tell your fans and customers everything about you. Add a profile picture as well. Your corporate logo or some other easily memorable image would be good. If you don’t have a corporate logo, it is suggested that you make one, since it would be the most readily identifiable aspect of your account.


Secure a professional handle that reflects who you are

It’s important to secure the desired Twitter handle as fast as possible, because you might not be able to find the best one very fast. It’s crucial to ensure that your handle reflects your brand, so focus on choosing one that’s representative, catchy and easy to understand.

Do be prepared to come up with several alternatives if your first choice is unavailable and make sure it’s not too similar to someone else’s Twitter handle. You don’t want any confusion as to who you are. Keep it professional and as succinct as possible.


Strive to be known as an expert in your industry

The way this is done is by sharing content which provides value to the end user. No one wants to stay online and read nonsense, and that is why you need to provide quality content that the end user will find useful.

Whoever is in charge of social media at your studio should be someone trusted to write factually and insightfully about games and gaming, or about anything else relevant to your studio. Make sure to fact check before every post too, as getting caught flat footed or getting caught in a lie can damage your reputation.






Seek to be personable and friendly in all interactions

Not everyone can be an expert on everything. One way to get people to remember you would be to get a laugh out of them. This is especially true in customer service, because while good customer service starts with a smile, great customer service ends with a laugh.


Understand your target demographic and follow them

A great way to understand clients and their online behavior is to follow them. This is a great way to obtain a wonderful insight into the way you think and you will love the results guaranteed. Make sure that you interact with them too, to get even better results.

When interacting with potential clients, be sure to be conscientious, respectful and professional. Also, make sure to follow upon all communications; you never know when you might need someone in the future.


Spread the word about your online presence far and wide

Use the Twitter account anywhere you can, be it as a mail signature, as a tie in with the LinkedIn account and as much as you possibly can. If possible, try to share some personal tweets because these will come in handy as well.

Remember that Twitter is a great way to create and improve your brand, all you need is to have the right skillset and the vision for your brand, then share it with the Twitter audience. This way, you can get a large number of followers in no time at all.


Special thanks to Yixin Li for authoring this article.

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