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September 9, 2014


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We are a publishing and marketing firm dedicated to helping independent video game developers reach massive audiences, publish financially successful titles and turn game development into a career. Black Shell Media has published over 60 titles with 1.5 million players worldwide. We have partnerships with companies including Valve, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Logitech and Alienware. Our mission is to help game developers get what they want out of a career in the game industry: passionate fans and sustainable revenue to keep them moving forward.


Company History

Daniel Doan started work on SanctuaryRPG, our flagship title, around September 2012. Progress was slow and steady, as it was a hobby project for him and the dozens of volunteers working on it. He used Reddit to crowdsource his support, and our subreddit became very popular. We even hit the front page of many subreddits several times! In July 2013 Raghav Mathur joined on as a marketing guy to help with the social media and community management aspects of the game. At this time, the game got on itch.io and people started noticing it. We got a $100 donation from Notch (yes, that Notch) who said the game looked really cool. Eventually things started picking up both in terms of traction as well as in terms of workload, and -- as is expected with hobby projects -- several of the volunteers fell off the wagon. We ended up with a core team of around 6 people who continued work on the game. After a few more months of work (we're at mid-2014 by this point) SanctuaryRPG was almost ready, so we launched in December 2014 in Steam Early Access. During the latter half of 2014, we also began work on Overture, our second game created in-house. After launching SanctuaryRPG on Steam initially, we doubled down on Overture and ran a Kickstarter for it on January 1st, 2015. Overture's Kickstarter was funded quickly, and the game was Greenlit in just about 9 days. We launched on Steam to great reception. After we took SanctuaryRPG out of Early Access in mid-February 2015 and saw it succeed in terms of marketing and reception, we realized that we had somehow managed to find a pretty solid niche where we knew how to market games. In our time developing games and working with the community we had met several developers who struggled with marketing, PR and community growth. It dawned upon us that we could turn our experience in development, design and marketing into a career by offering these support services to other developers. By the summer sale in 2015 we had close to 10 titles under our belt, and in the summer sale of 2016 we had over sixty. We are excited to continue growing our business and reaching out to awesome developers.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "(Dungeon Souls) PC Game of the Year" - 2015, HaoGamers
  • "(Dungeon Souls) Best Game" - 2015, Dubai World Game Expo
  • "(Rogue State) Most Addicting Game" - 2015, HaoGamers
  • "(SanctuaryRPG) Best PC Games of 2015" - 2015, PC Gamer

Selected Articles

  • "Splashy, frantic and hugely enjoyable"
    - Marsh Davies, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Where Dwarf Fortress is impossibly huge, all-encompassing, and as approachable as a brick wall, SanctuaryRPG is accommodating, streamlined, funny, and engaging, even if you've never been able to stomach an ASCII game."
    - Staff, PC Gamer

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