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Indie Insider #46 - The Road to Play NYC, Week 2



  1. Joe Tringali, Director of Digital Continue
  2. Josh DeBonis, President of BunbleBear Games
  3. Zac Dixon, Creative Director of IV Studio
  4. Kati Nawrocki, Art Director of Computer Lunch
  5. Dan Butchko, CEO of Playcrafting


Topics discussed:

  1. Joe’s insight into starting companies and leading teams
  2. What it means to be catalyst for art and growth in the industry
  3. Josh’s approach to time management and life balance
  4. Tips on how to showcase your game in a public setting
  5. Zac’s pro-tips on animation in video games
  6. Overcoming the fear of starting out, even years into a career
  7. Kati’s approach to art direction and research
  8. A discussion on Women in Gaming
  9. Plus an expanded look at Play NYC, New York City’s first dedicated gaming convention, from Dan Butchko!


Hey Insiders,

Perhaps what I’m most proud of this week is that each of the guests on Week 2 of the Road to Play NYC mini-series brought something to the table that I had never considered before. I’m honestly still considering my place as a catalyst in the industry, how I manage my time, and especially my role in the continued discussion that is women in gaming. There are some challenging ideas here that I think everyone can benefit from.

That’s part of why I decided to produce this Road to Play NYC series. I’m not making any extra money off of this series. There’s no sponsorship. I chose to do this because I believe in the idea that when artists, creators, developers, and professionals come together, amazing things happen. And I believe that those types of events should happen in places like New York, and all over the world.

If you don’t have tickets to Play NYC, get them now. You can enter the code INDIEINSIDER at checkout for an extra 20% off (again, not an affiliate link. Just something we wanted to provide for you). Go talk with some of these amazing people for yourself. I promise you that by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and challenge you, you’ll always find some new way to grow.

I know I have.

– Logan Schultz, Indie Insider Host

P.S. – Do not miss next week’s episode! We’ll have tons of exclusive announcements about both Play NYC and Indie Insider’s upcoming 50th episode celebration, including some huge industry guests!

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