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Indie Insider #41 - Rocky Kev, Serious Game Devs Only


This week’s guest: Rocky Kev, founder of the Serious Game Devs Only community and creator of the Bytesized educational video series for game developers!

Topics discussed:

  1. Tackling debt as an indie game developer
  2. Why periods of video game apathy can be a positive thing
  3. Making real art vs. appealing to the marketplace
  4. The constant struggle of learning from your mistakes
  5. The zone of proximal development and the struggles introverts face in the video game industry
  6. Mastering the art of time management
  7. …and much more! ​

Hey everyone,

First off, to all of our friends in the United States: Happy 4th of July! I’m on the road visiting family (as you might be able to tell by the introduction audio), but I’m enjoying the holiday and I hope all of you are as well! Even if this isn’t a holiday weekend for you, I hope you’re finding some time this summer to relax and recoup in your game development endeavors!

But, if you’re like me and feel the constant need to learn more, then our guest this week has you covered. Rocky Kev created a community of aspiring game developers called Serious Game Devs Only, and his work has taken off ever since. Rocky shares some brilliant insight into tackling debt as an indie developer (something we probably all know a bit too much about), as well as how he dealt with a period of apathy towards video games and ways that he overcomes his introverted nature. Rocky is someone who’s story and insight will resonate with you, whether you’re in front of the computer or out under some fireworks.

– Logan Schultz, Indie Insider Host

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