Explosive Audience Growth

We’ll grow your social media audience and get you the fans you deserve.


We can grow your Twitter network by up to 3,000 genuine followers every month.

We’ll increase your sales, expand reach, and drive more conversation.

We’ll grow your fan base, and find more followers to turn into players.

We’ll drive website clicks, and send people straight to your platform.

“I used Black Shell Media’s Twitter Growth service since my audience was not growing at all. The connections that I made since I started using their service has added so much value to the message that I promote to my followers. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service that I received.”

Sebastian B.


It was a pleasure to work with Black Shell Media. They performed the services we had discussed and did not over-promise. Their techniques are legitimate, effective and moral. I would recommend Black Shell Media if you value promotion while keeping your brand’s reputation in mind.

Krzysztof Koźmik

Home Of The Underdogs

“Black Shell Media delivered on their promises. I now have a lot more contacts in the industry and more people listening to my Tweets.



David Salazar

PR Manager

“Black Shell Media are a pleasure to work with. Consistent and truly understanding of an indie developer’s needs, they have been a fantastic part of our studio’s social experience and we highly recommend their services.



Jane McConnell

Pixelbomb Games

“Their flexible model has helped us with our social growth and packs an incredible punch at a great value.




Colin Dwan

Prologue Games

“With the audience growth and marketing consulting they gave us, our engagement rate on Twitter increased tenfold from 0.6% to a staggering 6%. Black Shell Media’s audience growth campaign has provided immense value for me and my company, and they’ve proven themselves to be among the best marketing professionals in the industry.

Adrian Vega

Ratalaika Games

Targeted Promotion Package

Leverage our massive social media audience to your advantage.

Promote your product to our active audience of over 170,000 video game enthusiasts!

If you’re looking to catch the attention of gamers, developers, journalists, YouTubers, streamers and fans quickly and without breaking your budget, our Targeted Promotion packages are for you. We turn to our massive Twitter network of over 170,000 followers (and growing!) who are actively clicking, engaging and replying to our content, and promote your game and message repeatedly to them, encouraging conversions. The network nets around 6 million monthly impressions and I’ve seen individual Tweets get upwards of 400 to 500 clicks. When you consider the fact that our packages offer 100, 200, or 300 of these Tweets, it’s absolutely crazy how much exposure this could get you.

Campaigns consist of a Single Ad posted 5 times a day for entire duration. We offer link tracking using goo.gl and you can easily view the Tweets on our Twitter network. Many of our clients return for our promoted Tweets due to their simplicity, flexibility, organic nature and relatively low cost compared to Twitter or Facebook’s paid advertising services.

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