Digital Marketing

Reach your audience and drive conversions.

Set yourself up for success.

We’re gamers. We’re developers. We’re e-athletes. We understand the skepticism and cynicism of most consumers in the games industry.

That’s why our marketing solutions all have one thing in common—value.

When we’re writing blog posts, posting on social media and sending press releases, our number one focus is providing genuine value for your audience. We turn companies and entrepreneurs into thought leaders in their niche.

Our marketing solutions go beyond just driving sales. We build loyalty and establish trust between you and your customers.

You’re in this for the long run. Your customers should come along for the ride.

“Black Shell Media understands strategic game publishing and has an in-depth knowledge of game development. They have provided us with valuable tools and information, especially for a start-up independent game studio like us. I would very much recommend Black Shell Media to independent studios out there. It is an exciting and great experience working with them.”

April Poland

Producer, Lamina Studios

Content Strategy

We help companies craft blog posts, videos, infographics, whitepapers and eBooks. Teach your customers and build their trust.


Community Engagement

Connect with your customers wherever they hang out. Our team specializes in identifying key subreddits and Facebook communities to engage with.


Market Research

Who are your competitors? What does your audience want? When should you launch your product? What should your unique value proposition be? Our consultants help companies answer the most important questions that come up in business.


Social Listening

Understand what’s going on in your customers’ minds. Identify their needs, desires and concerns. Position yourself as their ideal solution.


Paid Ads

Our consultants specialize in paid ads on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Spend your money in the right places and reach your customers directly.


Press Outreach

Crafting an effective press release is an art. Our expert writers know what journalists want, and write press releases designed to get you coverage.


Reputation Management

In an industry as nuanced and complex as gaming, it’s easy to step on people’s toes without realizing. We will help you avoid controversy and diffuse conflicts.


Network Promotion

In the past four years, we’ve amassed an audience of over 350,000 gamers, developers and e-athletes. Take advantage of existing audiences and leverage our network to drive traffic to you.