Daniel is a growth marketer, game developer, blogger, programmer, and game designer who holds a BA in Psychology. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, he has crafted interactive virtual worlds that have been inhabited by hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. As the Co-Founder of Black Shell Media, Daniel runs a publishing and marketing firm dedicated to helping independent game developers reach massive audiences, publish financially successful titles, and turn game development into a sustainable career.

As a veteran in the games industry, Daniel has shipped over 1.5MM copies of games on Steam, and has taken on key roles such as Development Lead, Design Lead, and Producer in the development of many commercially successful video games that have been enjoyed by legions of devoted fans including SanctuaryRPG, Overture, Dungeon Souls, and many more.

Also being a former hyper-competitive gamer in the upper echelons of competitive play in Riot Games’​ League of Legends (TSM & CLG), Starcraft 2 (Master), and MTG (1947 ELO), Daniel has amassed thousands of hours breaking down advanced mechanics and design theory on a myriad of competitive games.

Game Production
– Published over 65 titles on the Steam marketplace—shipped over 1,581,600 copies as of Q4 2016.
– Co-authored the prolific “Guide to Game Development Success”​ E-Book: https://www.blackshellmedia.com/ebook/
– Crafted dozens of software applications in C++, C#, Java, and GML.

Social Media Marketing
– Grew social media audiences to over 370,000+ followers within 1 year.
– Executed over 450 marketing campaigns across social media platforms.
– Voracious reader of direct marketing and social media marketing books.

Email or add on LinkedIn: [email protected]