Here's what some of our clients and partners have to say!

“Our experience with Black Shell Media was fantastic. BSM team was extremely efficient and worked as an extension of our team, providing real time metrics that demonstrated the value they were delivering.They were responsive and proactive in all projects in which we had collaborated. We were impressed with their level of service and consider them a key player in helping young organizations with marketing strategies & execution.

Cory Allison

Founder & CEO, Rezli

“Black Shell Media understands strategic game publishing and has an in-depth knowledge of game development. They have provided us with valuable tools and information especially for a start-up independent game studio like us. I would very much recommend Black Shell Media to independent game developers/teams/studios out there. It is an exciting and great experience working with them.”

April Poland

Producer, Dungeon Souls

“Working with Black Shell Media has been a great experience. As an indie-minded team that thoroughly knows the ins-and-outs of both the development and marketing side of making games, their insights and marketing reach have been invaluable for getting my project in front of the right people. Without their help and publishing support, This Book Is A Dungeon likely would have never made it to Steam, nor would it have found the enthusiastic niche audience that it has on the marketplace. You couldn’t ask for a nicer, more knowledgeable team of folks to have on your side.
Nathan Meunier

Developer, This Book Is A Dungeon

“Starting out as a fledgling developer, Black Shell Media allowed me to kick start my dream and jump into the business I so longingly desired to work in. They’re some really hardworking guys, as well as friends!


Ben James

Developer, Zombie Party

“Black Shell Media delivered on their promises. I now have a lot more contacts in the industry and more people listening to my Tweets.” 



David Salazar

Marketing Professional

Black Shell did a terrific job helping our start-up navigate the consumer publishing industry and we credit a lot of our success to them. I’ve always found the BSM team to be professional, thoughtful and open-minded.

Ryan Hewer

Lead Developer, Rogue State

“Our primarily technical team needed an indie friendly, professional marketing service that delivers. We reviewed our options and selected Black Shell Media for our initial growth campaign. Black Shell Media delivered a fast quality service and I’ll happily recommend them to my fellow indies.”

James McGhee

Founder, Heathen Engineering Ltd.

“Black Shell Media got us a lot of exposure in a very short time. They will help you reach more gamers immediately.

Jason Jacobitz

Development Lead, Arcanity Inc.

It was a pleasure to work with Black Shell Media. They provided an excellent service for both the Twitter growth program and targeted ads. Communication was always prompt and clear, and I will definitely be using Black Shell Media’s services when we release our next game!

Danny Jugan

President and Lead Designer, Axis Games

“As the typical indie developer facing challenges in marketing, I found the perfect publishing partner in Black Shell Media. They did a great job generating exposure for my game. They are as passionate about promotion as I am about development, and now I get to focus solely on my game. We have the perfect symbiosis!

Daniele Ferraro

Development Lead, Capribyte Studios

“Having worked in the Indie field for several years now, we always found marketing to be one of the biggest challenges. Not always having sufficient marketing budget and finding it difficult to commit to one form of advertising have led our company to miss many marketing opportunities.

“That changed when we started working with Black Shell Media. They are the first company that we worked with that really understands what Indie developers need and what they can afford. For a fraction of the cost of all other advertising options, the guys at Black Shell showed us great and quick results.”

Konstantin Fomenko

CEO, Reverie World Studios

“Black Shell Media is a legitimate, honest publisher that did exactly as promised. Not only did they do everything we wanted, but they exceeded our expectations with their very excellent service. I would highly recommend Black Shell Media if you are looking to get your game out to the players in the best possible way!”

Fenner Stevens

Project Manager, Drixy Games

Working with Black Shell Media is a pleasant experience…they are a great choice for indie developers.”

Noah Stolk

Lead Developer, Void Invaders

“I used Black Shell Media’s Twitter Growth service since my audience was not growing at all. The connections that I made since I started using their service has added so much value to the message that I promote to my followers. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service I received from the guys at BSM.”

Sebastian B.


Black Shell Media was a blessing. Their experience, reliability and friendliness helped my dreams come true. They have a solution for everybody, even for a budget-less and beginner developer like I was. With Black Shell Media, you are in good hands. They take great care of you, your project and its potential buyers, and I couldn’t recommend them more. I’m already looking forward to working with them again in the future!
Simone Bellon

Development Lead, Onni Interactive

“Black Shell Media has been the exact resource we needed while building our game’s awareness.”

Colin Dwan

Development Lead, Prologue Games