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Indie Insider #53 - Larry Kuperman, Director of Business Development for Nightdive Studios


Guest: Larry Kuperman, Director of Business Development for Nightdive Studios, the team perhaps most notable for remaking games from the past, such as the System Shock franchise.

Topics discussed:

  1. Larry’s story and how he went from a theatre education degree to being the Director of Business Development for Nightdive
  2. His advice for your developers and aspiring business professionals
  3. Why available tools and accessibility make this the golden age of gaming
  4. What the future has in store for video games, and where Larry is placing his bets
  5. Plus, a deep dive into DRM – what does it mean, why does it matter, and why you should be aware of how it affects your game
  6. and much more!


Hey Insiders,

I’ve always found that the emails, articles, and podcasts I enjoy the most, the ones that stick with me, are the honest ones. The write-ups that tell a story and show vulnerability. The ones that help me connect with the person writing them. So that’s what I’m going to do here.

I’ve been struggling for a bit with motivation recently. I’ve been finding it difficult to send emails, to reply to messages, to get up and do the work. Never enough that it would compromise my work (or anyone else’s), but just enough that it makes things hard. I’ve just been feeling uninspired lately. I think most of us go through that sometimes.

But editing episodes with guests like Larry Kuperman helps. Larry comes from a similar background to me, and has lived an entire life outside of the video game industry. And yet, he’s found his passion now. He’s the guy who sent me a congratulatory email on an interview I conducted with someone he knew. He’s the one who instigated this entire interview with an inspired email on DRM and how it affects our industry. His interview is one that makes me smile, and makes me believe that I might be on the right path to where I’m meant to be. If I enjoy what I do and feel even half of the drive and passion that Larry does for his work, I’ll be happy.

Larry’s interview is full of industry insight, inspiration, and advice on how to “up your game” professionally in the industry. But I hope, above and beyond all of that, you leave this week’s episode a bit inspired. Things will never be easy all the time. But it helps me to know that there are people out there, like Larry, who are willing to help and share however they can.

If you’re ever struggling and would like someone to talk to or could use some guidance, shoot me an email: [email protected].

Until next week.

-Logan Schultz, Indie Insider Host