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Indie Insider #38 - Rich Vreeland, Disasterpeace


This week’s guest: Rich Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace, the composer of the music behind games such as Fez, Hyper Light Drifter, Mini Metro, and more!

Topics discussed:

  1. Designing music for games such as Fez and Hyper Light Drifter
  2. The art of seizing an opportunity
  3. Maintaining motivation and inspiration in your work over time
  4. Negotiating pay as a contractor or freelancer
  5. …and much more! ​

Hey everyone,

Rich Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace, is perhaps best known for composing the soundtracks to such games as Fez and Hyper Light Drifter. He’s successful, financially secure, and talented. Yet, though he has had a stunning career over the last decade in both video games and film, it’s difficult to find a more humble and self-reflective guy who’s willing to share what he’s learned with others. We talk about everything from finding passion in your work to paying the bills and managing your business. He’s seen a bit of everything, and I couldn’t be more pleased to share his insight with all of you.

Perhaps my main takeaway from this interview is how Rich managed to seize opportunities. That game that made him wealthy and famous, Fez, came about because he was chatting with some guys at a concert. I’m hosting this very podcast because I sent Black Shell Media a completely unrelated email. If you’re open to seizing it, where will your next opportunity take you?

– Logan Schultz, Indie Insider Host

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