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Indie Insider #36 - Timo Verschueren, nevaly


This week’s guest: Timo Verschueren from nevaly, a startup focused on connecting game developers and publishers with online and YouTube influencers!

Topics discussed:

  1. The art of the cold email
  2. Why do people love YouTubers and Let’s Play videos
  3. How to utilize influencers to market your game
  4. How to get noticed in a sea of video games
  5. …and much more! ​

Hey everyone,

When Timo reached out to me about coming onto the podcast to talk about nevaly, it didn’t take long for me to say yes. Not only is Timo an intelligent and thoughtful guy with excellent insight into influencer marketing, but nevaly as a company has achieved some fantastic things in only a couple of years, and I have little doubt that the small start-up is going to continue to grow exponentially.

And I wasn’t disappointed – this week’s interview features Timo dropping knowledge that everyone can benefit from: cold emails, designing a marketing campaign, who are the right people to partner with, remaining focus on long-term goals, etc. If you have even a passing curiosity in how to utilize online influencers and YouTubers to market projects, this is the episode for you.

– Logan Schultz, Indie Insider Host

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