Various online social media platforms allow you to connect and interact with the people who buy and play your games. Each platform has multiple ways of networking through those that follow you. In this article I will cover various ways you can utilize Twitter polls to interact with players or those who may one day end up playing your games.


1. Use Trending Topics to Your Advantage

Sometimes results can be close, even when your vote count is high.


This is a way to just get the ball rolling in a general way. Using a trending topic formulated into a poll will get people interacting with you on twitter and it can lead to discussion. Even better if your trending topic is directly related to your game or something related to your game. This can also be a fun way to interact with your audience and show that you can be approachable by anyone.

Many big developers and publishers have a very direct or stiff form of interaction on Twitter, even if they respond at all. Showing that you can respond in a human-like manner and to many people will give people confidence when interacting with you. Trending topic polls will easily help in building that appearance for followers.


2. Asking for Feedback

Asking for feedback via a poll allows for two things, one being that you can receive a focused answer but also secondly it is easy and quick for a follower to give that answer. This way you can gauge various things from followers regarding multiple things. You can get an idea of what your audience likes and what your audience doesn’t want to see. You can suggest ideas to them and get both a polled answer but also a response if you supply the option to choose “Other.”

Adding an “Other” option is usually done to extend past polled answers and the usual result into a much more refined discussion of the topic at hand. This will be much more helpful for topics that are more complex seeing as this is twitter and you are still limited to that small amount of 140 characters.


3. Give Followers Control on Decisions

No matter how big of a decision, if it is ok with you as a developer than let a poll be the deciding factor.


Sometimes, it can be helpful to construct polls that focus on big decisions. This will give followers an opportunity to feel like they have had direct input in development, even if it was only a vote. Obviously follow through and once you have done it, try to find other ways of implementing more of your development decisions into polls (or sometimes pose a simple question on Twitter).


4. Up Your Social Media Game

When it comes to polls, it is great to just be creative in the end. Try to interact with people in a fun matter. Being light-hearted makes it feels like a business twitter is the same as an average person using the platform.

Here are some examples of standard tweets done in that manner:


Some companies on Twitter are known to have some interesting interactions with customers but even others companies.



Tweeting out song lyrics in sync with a customer?



5. Consistency with Poll Creation

Mark down the dates before hand


Creating polls consistently gives followers a reason to keep returning to check out your profile. Followers usually scroll through their feed reading various tweets and viewing images or gif, but since a poll is instantly interactive they are likely to stop and look at the poll. Since it is easy to click on, and since they have interacted with that, they are more likely to see results and further comment on said poll.

PlayStation Nation’s twitter account does a daily poll and Marvel Entertainment’s twitter account does a weekly poll. Creating a schedule wouldn’t a good idea. Doing a daily poll for a small developer would be a stretch but a weekly poll would be much more manageable and suited.


6. Collecting Data

This is a given, but polls will allow you to collect data on who follows you. With each poll you have the opportunity to design it to gather info on various aspects of your followers. What they like, don’t like, what they will gravitate too on topics and various things that you can have control over with the limited answers Twitter polls allow.

This will help as your twitter account grows, and the more people you have the more vote results you will receive better and more accurate statistics.