So you don’t have any programming experience but want to create games? This isn’t a problem because there are many applications that will help you create games without any major hassle.


Game Maker

This is one of the oldest game creation tools that also comes with a drag and drop interface, but it’s more complex and it provides quite a lot of variety. You can also create multiplayer games, dig into the code, link SDKs which have an external origin and so on, it all comes down to you and the way you choose to work with it. It’s important to note that Game Maker is a little restrictive if you want to use the free version since it watermarks your final product, but acquiring a license will remove this issue. This tool is known to be very versatile and professional, not to mention that you have a lot of tutorials online to help you get the most out of this platform.



Stencyl is a great application that uses a drag and drop interface which is designed to provide you with a wonderful way to create sprite based games. It’s not a tool for complex games, but you can easily create puzzles and side scrolling games without much hassle. At the same time, this tool offers support for publishing to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Flash, among many others.


Other Tools

There are tons of game creation tools you can choose, aside from the aforementioned ones. One of the standout tools would be Buildbox which is one of the most impressive tools that focuses mostly on 2D games, but we also have to remember GameSalad for example which also is a very popular platform. The issue here is that you might end up being restricted in the design, mostly due to the capabilities of the platform. These apps are created mostly for beginners, so you do need to cope with some limitations while using them. Of course, these might not bother you in the beginning, but as time passes and you get more experience you may find that some features may be limiting.


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