Create a site

If you want your game to be covered, then show seriousness in regards to your title. Create a website for it, and show that you truly care about the way others think about it. Remember that it’s all about the way people think of your creation, so you need to show professionalism, add more info about your game, create a site and the exposure is indeed guaranteed!


Add contact info

You need to add an email address to the site, or at least something that the journalist can use in order to contact you. This is a necessity and a major requirement, because without it you just won’t be able to obtain the results you want.


Reply to emails

Often journalists will send you emails, so be professional and respond to them. This will provide you with some extraordinary results. This also shows that you are dedicated to the game, so coverage will be a lot closer to you!


Reply fast

Not only do you need to reply, but reply promptly, as this shows that you are really excited to get your game covered. At the same time, journalism is very fast nowadays so if you want to get a glimpse of the spotlight, you need to do it fast.


Give the necessary details

Try to provide as many details as you have, as this is necessary to make a better experience for the journalist. From great screenshots, to artwork, information or any other detail you have.No one wants to waste time searching for these, so hand them straight over and they will definitely cover your game.


Give them a copy of the game

Of course, you should try to give them something playable. This allows the journalist to fully understand the scope of the game, and firsthand experience is a great way for the journalist to learn about the game.


Know when to pitch

Send a copy of the game at least 1-2 weeks in advance if you want your game to be covered properly, and you will enjoy the results. The more time you give them to cover the game, the better. Also, you will need to contact the right publications that deal with your niche, not to mention that you have to avoid bribing. Just be professional, contact the right people and you will like the results. In the end, it’s all about professionalism and respect, so if you offer all of this and you deliver as much info as you can about your game, then you will surely get the coverage you want!


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