Developing a great game can be quite a challenge nowadays, because there are many things you have to take into account. One of these things is your team. Let’s be real, there’s really no such thing as the perfect game development team. However, your goal should be to put together a team that works well enough to get the results that you desire. The better and more cohesive your team is, the better the game will actually be in the end. It’s essential that you try to obtain a high quality development team. One has to wonder though—how do you make such a thing happen? Let’s find out!


What does your team need to have?

There are lots of things that your team needs to have in common. First, the team needs to have a vision, because team members need to share similar ideas in regards to how the games and the game studio as a whole will evolve. Some might like to focus more on graphics, others on the core gameplay. One thing is certain, all need to co-exist in order to bring in the best experience.

Another important factor to consider is size. Some teams are okay with being small, but others do want to be a part of a large team. The reality is that for an indie studio, smaller is the way to go because communication is a lot better (not to mention that larger teams tend to get more expensive as well).

Commitment is another thing that the team has to share. All of the team members have to be committed equally, because it will be close to impossible to make a company work if each person within the team has a specific set of priorities.


How can I diversify my team?

While finding a perfect team is hard, diversifying it can prove to be even harder. First, you need to ensure that you recruit people with a good amount of expertise. The team members have to complement each other and bring in a diverse set of skills, but do remember that each one of those skills is very important since it makes the game studio come alive and work properly.

Moreover, you have to focus on orientation as well, because there are some people that love details while others ignore them completely. Both types of people need to be included in the team in order to acquire the best results. On top of that, the more perspectives there are, the better. Remember that you need to diversify the perspectives in order to bring in the best results, because in the end feedback is necessary and each person tends to see things differently.

One important thing to remember while making the perfect development team is that you shouldn’t rush at all. Instead, try to find the right people that suit your vision and your project, because the last thing you want to do is to assemble a bad team. Take all our tips into account and you will have no problem finding and creating a game development team that will take your project to new heights!


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