If you are an indie game developer, chances are that creating a good marketing campaign can prove to be quite a headache. This is why you need to follow a few steps that we have created specifically for you!


Enter forums and interact with audiences

A good way to promote your game is via forums, because they are usually very populated. Find relevant forums, interact with people, and link them to your stuff. Do not advertise, but instead make interesting posts—this will compel people to follow your links.


Create a marketing plan

A good marketing plan will always serve well when it comes to promoting your game, so work hard in order to come up with a unique selling point and use that in order to promote your services the right way.


Use your advertising budget the right way

Some review sites will bring you great exposure, so focus on advertising there. The more established sites will usually require a lot of money, and they target large game companies, so focus on the smaller review sites at first.


Make an informative product pitch

If you have a pitch that’s informative, this will hook the users and make them more interested in your game. Try to focus on this since it’s very helpful and also ensures that the users will know exactly what they are getting into!




Contests and giveaways

A good method to enhance marketing and generate a good following comes in the form of holding contests or giveaways. These are necessary because they bring you a lot of traffic with minimal costs. Discount codes, free keys, etc. can bring in some cool results—all you have to do is to work hard in order to find the best method to interact with your target audience.


Use social media

Social media is a cheap, yet efficient way to promote your game. You can reach millions of players very fast, and if you combine it with giveaways you will be impressed by the results for sure. Remember to post often, and avoid content that doesn’t suit your page. Instead, opt for relevant content that will showcase your professionalism and show your dedication towards creating a great game!


Measure your efforts

Analytics and other tools are necessary if you want to know how well you are seen in the online world. From traffic to sales, these will provide you with good insight into the results that you can acquire. Work hard to measure this info because it will give you a good idea as to what you can do next.
In conclusion, if you follow these 7 actionable ideas, you will have a great time promoting your game the right way, with results that will impress. Don’t hesitate and integrate these ideas into your marketing endeavors—you will enjoy the outcome for sure!


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