There are many methods to promote your game in the online world, but nothing seems to be better than performing a media marketing campaign. However, it can be very hard and somewhat frustrating to acquire the desired attention from the media. This is why we have created a list with some of the most important steps to perform in order to gain the attention of media!


1. Tell a story

Let’s face it—all games have cool features, but only the best games manage to tell a story. Many times, it’s that story, no matter how small or large, that will impress the media and people worldwide. Of course, if you combine a good story with a simple, yet unique gameplay hook and perhaps some artistic finesse, then you will definitely be amazed at how the whole thing turns out in the end. Remember that this brings attention to your game, so focus on that at all times.


2. Find the perfect target

If you want to get the best exposure, try to connect with someone from the media that loves your game genre. This will usually help you get the upper hand and the results you want. It can be hard to do so, but a good way to do this is to study numerous gaming-related media sites, etc., and then find patterns in their editor behavior. You will also need to find the right time to pitch the stories so that you can acquire the best results!




3. Short emails

Getting to the point is a necessity, because time is a valuable commodity. You need to know how to pitch your game the right way, because no one wants to spend countless minutes trying to figure out what your game is about. A smart pitching method will provide you with some extraordinary results, so focus on that and the results will follow shortly.


4. Find the appropriate time

Time is of the essence. No one wants to lose it. You need to be short, yet explain what you need! Don’t rush your pitch; instead think about it over and over, because this is the best way to acquire exposure!


5. Exclusives

If you want to increase your chances of getting covered, then it’s a very good idea to work hard in order to find a place with a lot of exposure, then offer exclusive looks and so on. This is a great way to promote your game, but on the other hand it will limit you sometimes to a great partnership with a single company.

This is why you have to choose wisely. Aside from all of the above, you also need to let the media actually play your game, but at the same time you need to be responsive if they mail you back. In the end though, you need to create a good game. If the game is good, you will definitely receive your desired coverage and thus the results may be extraordinary in the end!


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