When you want to create a new game, you are overwhelmed with the large amount of work that has to be done, and this is why being organized can be very helpful. In fact, there are so many elements to record that you do need to use multiple documents just to keep track of them all. This is why we have created a set of tips to help you streamline and speed up the game design process with great results!

1. Create a prototype
Instead of trying to create concept art after concept art, create a prototype, as this allows you to get a feel for the game and at the same time you see if the concepts you have work or not. No extraordinary visuals are needed here, just the core idea so you can see how the game would look.

2. Use lean documents
Keep the documents short and concise, because this speeds up the process. No one wants to have his work over encumbered by heavy scripts, so try to focus on that instead of writing long, hard to follow documents.

3. Adapt tone for the reader
It doesn’t matter if it reads well for you, make sure that the others in your team will understand the language. Improve your writing skills and make the guidelines easy to read, it will save you a lot of time.

4. Run tests when needed
When teammates have different ideas, try to test them before putting into practice. Testing is a lot better than arguing over nothing and in the end it helps a lot to create a cohesive product.




5. Research
Researching a lot is the best way to come up with something good and fresh. Create a plan and structure for your work as this will help the game design process be faster and much better as a whole.

6. Add pictures
Adding in pictures is a pivotal point here, because images are more descriptive than long and tedious documents. Combine images with text to get the best effect.

7. Tackle smaller iterations
Make sure that you test small portions of the game as soon as they are ready, because it’s a lot easier and better to repair them instead of having to deal with issues. Do that, and the results will be great.

8. Analytics
Analytics are great since they give insight when it comes to the user behavior, and this pertains to testers as well. You can see popular actions and behaviors a lot easier and faster as well this way.

9. Get the best tools
There are IDEs focused on prototyping, other tools focus on design and so on. Focus on getting the right tools and always study the market to find new ones, as this is very helpful.

10. Use placeholders
Do not wait until the whole content is finished, instead use placeholders as they will help you move forward in the production process, not to mention that they can easily be replaced in the long run as well. As you can see, there are many methods you can use in order to speed up the game design process.

Remember to always try and find new ways to streamline your work, so write in a concise fashion, research as often as possible and use the best design tools, then you can rest assured that the results will be amazing!


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