In the indie gaming world, marketing can be tough, especially since the promotional budgets are very limited and you have to work hard in order to find out creative promotional methods at all times. In this article we’ll attempt to find the best answers that indie developers have in regards to the game marketing by asking around!


Can a small indie team handle both development and marketing?

Developers say that yes, they can handle that as long as the two are combined. Live streaming the development or interacting with the community is a great way to obtain exposure, and the results are well worth it. The trick here is to be dedicated in regards to your work, and the results will come for sure, there’s no issue with that, it’s only dedication that has to be there.


Which is the best form of marketing for an indie dev team?

There are many you can use, you can opt for Twitter, Steam announcements or blogs. At the same time, websites like Reddit, Facebook or any other similar tool that can bring you a great exposure and create a connection with players. Interacting with the player base by playing with them directly is a great idea for multiplayer games.




How to overcome the initial struggles when it comes to game marketing?

If you want to get the ultimate exposure and obtain coverage for your games you need to work hard and talk with every piece of press you can find. Knock doors and work hard in order to increase exposure. Hard work is the best way to obtain exposure because the more you work to promote your game the better the results will actually be. Don’t be afraid to overcome your fears of thinking that promotion may be out of your reach, and always try to find new methods of promotion.


Best marketing techniques to use

A good way to promote your game is to hand keys to YouTubers because this allows you to reach more people instead of paying tons of money to game magazines. Talking to as many people as possible about your project does the trick, but at the same time social media can be a great tool in this regard. At the same time, you need to be nice with everyone, especially bloggers or Twitch streamers, as they can easily promote your game to their audience, and this will lead to increased sales.


Best practices in game news

You should try to focus on niches because this is the best way to gain attention. Talk with the niche publications and you will be able to obtain great exposure. Writing a press release and then sending it to as many sites as possible will help you as well, but at the same time going at events and interacting with the press will help as well.


The main idea is that you need to merge development with marketing, communicate with gamers, get the title out to as many people as you can, but at the same time try to find the most unique selling points for your title, as this is crucial as well! Do this, and the results will come soon enough!


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