Even if you are designing your own game, you do need a good and reliable promotional strategy to create buzz around your title. With millions of games out there, it can be very hard for a person to find your game, and this is why it’s very important to create your own game marketing strategy that brings the best results! Here are a few pointers in regards to how you can create the ultimate game marketing strategy!


Is this a product or service?

Launching the traditional way means that you will launch your game and maybe bring in a new update here and there. When you create your game as a service, for example an MMO, you need to talk with the community, launch it early in order to iron out bugs and create a loyal audience as well. Seeing this as a service is much better for your game as a whole, and can snowball into a huge community that’ll be with you every step of the way.


Choose the right business model

Some games are freemium, others are truly free to play with in-app purchases while others are premium. The monetization method should be chosen right from the start, because does impact the way the game is played, so it’s crucial to ensure that you think about this early on in the design process. Don’t try to shoehorn anything in at the last minute, it’ll only come back to bite you later on.


Find the target audience

Sure, some games are aimed for kids, other for adults, while there are a few gender specific. Find your audience and study it, as this is the best way to nurture to its needs and obtain better results for your game. This will also help you insert specific features that are specifically designed for your target audience, all so that you can reap the best results.




Stores and platforms

You also have to think about where you will launch the game, because this impacts the overall costs, as more versions means more money to spend. Of course, this can also lead to a bigger revenue, so try to choose the platforms and stores where you will sell the game wisely.


Geographic reach

Some games work better in a specific region of the world, so try to find the perfect country for your game. You can opt to make a test launch in the desired region and, based on the feedback, iron out the game then send it to other regions.


Budget and scope properly

Of course, thinking about the budget is crucial. Make sure that your budget will suit all your plans and even leave some money there just to make sure you might get some extra features later on during the development process.


Marketing channels

You need to use as many as possible, from news sites to PR, TV, radio, ads in the online world and many others. The more you use, the better, because this provides a much higher reach and better exposure for the game that you’ve been working on for so long.

As you can see, it’s important to determine the marketing strategies early on in the development process, as they will lead to a better plan and higher quality results as a whole. Follow analytics and work hard to always promote on as many channels as possible, as this will help you obtain the best exposure for your game and thus the highest profits!


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