Getting your indie game project noticed can be difficult. There is a lot that you need to consider. Which channels should you use? How do you use each channel? Will this journey be worth it? Will anyone even care? To answer the first question, you need to use all of them. Don’t get overwhelmed. Once you take time to learn how to optimize the process it will become second nature. Here are a few effective ways to get your indie game noticed:

  • Facebook
    • Join groups, post relevant content in those groups. Participate in #screenshotsaturday.
  • Twitter
  • Reddit 
    • Create a subreddit. Participate in game development threads. Join the Screenshot Saturday thread in /r/gamedev.
  • IndieDB
    • Make consistent updates about your game. Keep doing it ad infinitum.
  • Newspapers
    • Local newspapers can be keen on picking up stories of fledgling game developers.
  • Games Press
    • Contact individual authors. If they think their readers will enjoy what you are doing, they might run an article.
  • Forums 
    • Full list HERE. Go forth and join these communities as soon as possible. Share politely.
  • Friends
    • Word of mouth is always very powerful in spreading information on what you are doing.
  • Youtube
    •  Give YouTubers a free key in exchange for a preview or honest review of your game.

With each of these channels, there is one word to keep in mind: Engagement. You need to engage with the users on each platform. You want to be on the forefront of their mind. By engaging you are developing relationships with your potential users, and relationships are more valuable than customers. They will be more likely to purchase future products with a good relationship and a great product. The time you invest to engage will not be wasted.

If you’re still feeling too overwhelmed, or would just rather focus on development and leave game promotion out of your daily workflow, you can always partner up with someone who can take care of it for you.

Word of caution: For channels such as Reddit and forums you need to be careful to how you present yourself. No one likes seeing advertisement or spam. If you are caught “spamming” your account could be banned from the site. You have to be creative! Try and get a conversation going and try and steer it to your product.


Well, there you have it! Please be sure to share this article if you enjoyed the read!


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